Elven Rogue


Dho’Ali is a trained spy from a small village called Asmara in the wastes of Al-Ain Oman. He is currently employed by the Al-Ain government to investigate surrounding kingdoms.

He currently favors a dagger and long sword for melee combat and a longbow at range.


Dho’Ali was born in the wastes of Al-Ain Oman in a small village named Asmara. His parents were skinners who made a modest living selling pelts and crafting pouches and bags for travelers. One day when Dho’Ali was very young his village was attacked by a mated pair of Rocs whose nest were disturbed by hungry travelers looking to feast on their delicious eggs. In their rage, the Roc dismantled the town and killed many of its inhabitants. Some of the surviving children were then carried off to the nest to be slowly fed to their young. A survivor had managed to get word to Al-Ain Oman, and an adventuring party was sent to reclaim the lost children. As the Roc were driven from their nest, they cast a large shadow over one of the children and one adventurer was known to comment “Pity to those who live in the shadow of the falcon”, and named him Dho’Ali (Elven for “Falcon’s Shadow”). The surviving children were rescued and taken to Al-Ain Oman to be treated for their injuries and nursed back to health.

Knowing that they had no place to return many of the children were recruited in to governmental service and began training as town guards, healers, apothecaries, and agents. Dho’Ali was brought up as an Agent of Al-Ain Oman. He was taught languages, stealth, and subterfuge. He was taught to investigate and to gather information. After weeding out potential internal threats and collecting vital information on several enemies of the state, it was determined that Dho’Ali’s potential was beyond the scope of Al-Ain Oman itself, and he was sent on his first assignment to New Sydney as part of a new initiative to investigate neighboring kingdoms ; to asses their potential threat levels, wealth, population, technologies and so forth and report his findings back in kind for the greater protection of the state.


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