Earth – The year is 480 P.A. The previous era ended in complete and utter annihilation. So many religions and prophecies pointed toward Armageddon. An apocalypse that would be so great, it would wipe the planet clean of its human inhabitants and take the pure to a better place. I suppose a better place is a relative term. Those that weren’t burned, frozen, or melted alive may have preferred it in the end.

The Awakening – That’s what it became known as to those that survived. Dragons, lying dormant within the volcanoes (and glaciers) of the world, finally decided to wake up. They immediately flew toward the most populated, and advanced areas of the world to begin their purge. Large cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney were the first to feel the devastation. Entire sky scrapers fell. Mass transit came to a halt, communications were cut off as cell towers crumbled with ease, and people began dying at a catastrophic rate.

Of course the militaries were called in. Rifle rounds bounced off the hard scales, reinforced by magic. Tank rounds whizzed by the flying behemoths. Fighter jets were plucked out of the sky. The situation for humans became dire quickly. Everywhere you looked, a drake was wreaking mayhem. The most advanced countries were hit with the most force. They even turned to biological and chemical warfare against the dragons. That made matters worse. The drakes shrugged off the diseases and poisons. The re-release of things like the bubonic plague, small pox, and Agent Orange, caused more death for the humans than their scaly foes.

Governments broke down and soon Darwin’s teachings came to the forefront. For the first 50 years or so, humans traveled in small groups or tribes. They learned how to react when a dragon was spotted. Those that didn’t met their end. It wasn’t until the end of the first century after the awakening that humans figured out that the dragons were drawn to technology. With the lack of energy sources to power their devices, the attacks became less frequent. Religious followers believed that it was a deity’s way of punishing those that became too detached with their instincts and basic human nature. Humanity’s population was reduced by greater than 99.9%.
Entire continents were laid to waste. What had been known as America was hit the hardest, followed by Europe. Almost all of North, Central, and South America were demolished. Only the northern parts of Canada and Alaska remained untouched. Europe was the second continent to be completely wiped out. Little is known why some places like South America and Northern Africa felt such destruction.

Around the turn of the first century is when the Elder races began to come out of hiding. Unbeknownst to humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes had been living among and around them for all of their existence. Be it in hiding like the Gnomes and Halflings, living in their hills, holes, and underground caverns, or right in front of their faces, like Elves and Dwarves, all of these races had been in existence for just as long as humans. Cities from these races began to spring up everywhere where the dragons had not destroyed and now roosted. Young races like Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls came about when the Null was lifted. Be it through portals or magical manipulation, they began to grow in number.

The Null – There was a worldwide ‘ban’ of open magic use for all of the B.C. and A.D. time periods. Magic was kept largely to the Elder races, though a few humans did know of its existence and used it despite the ban. It was actually sprinkled in and among human history. Individuals like Alexander the Great and Leonidas would cast morale spells on their armies prior to battle. Athletes like Usain Bolt would use more taboo methods of conjuring haste spells.

Upon the destruction of the human race, the null was then lifted. The Elder Races knew of the Human’s aptitude of abusing power and as such, magic was kept from them. It is rare that a human knows magic at present time, however it is not unheard of. Because they make up such a small percentage of the world population, they are now viewed as a threat easily handled if they get out of control. That being said, the majority of the race had been humbled by The Awakening. While at first most of the Elder races looked down on the humans with scorn, the new age way of thinking is more along the lines of pity.

Magic is now a freely flowing part of life that many use for even the most mundane of tasks.

Terra Draconis

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